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J Boswell Photography is a veteran owned business located in Southlake, TX and serves the North Dallas/Fort Worth area. I specialize in high quality architectural photography for home builders, real estate listing agents, vacation rentals, architecture firms, interior designers and other businesses. I started this business in 2010 with the intent to provide better, magazine quality images of real estate and architecture at affordable prices. With around 90% of home buyers doing their home search online, having professional, realistic and accurate imagery is essential.

Most real estate listing agents (sales-minded people) and photographers (creative-minded people) think and operate in completely different ways! So many real estate agents have come right out and told me that they absolutely hate taking photos of their listings. It only makes sense to leave the photography to a creative professional! I have put together the techniques and tools to make the process of getting photography and tours quick and easy for both the seller and the agent.

I understand that the process of selling a home can be very emotional for the home owner. The last thing you want is for the home owner to feel uncomfortable about having someone in their home photographing their personal space. My main goal is to make the seller feel at ease, happy and excited about the whole experience by having the utmost respect for their home and contents!  Architectural photography is my passion, and I hope to convey that to both agent and seller through top quality images and great service. It has also been proven that a small investment in professional photography creates higher selling prices, faster sales, and clients that are more confident in their agent. Therefore, they are much happier with the whole selling process. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you'll contact me for your next listing.

Meet the Photographer

My name is Julie Boswell, and I specialize in real estate, architectural, and landscape photography. I've always been artistic and creative, and started taking photos back in the pre-digital days as soon as I could work to afford my own camera, film and printing.

I'm originally from Zimbabwe. My family and I also lived in England before immigrating to the U.S.. I served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years in appreciation of my family being able to live in a safe and free country. I've always had the traveling bug and love to see as much as I can of the place where I'm living, as well as traveling to visit friends and family in other parts of the world whenever possible, always having a camera in hand. 

Living in and visiting so many different places has given me an appreciation for the beauty and history in everything around us. I believe that everything has a story to tell, and is just waiting for the essence of that story to be captured in a photograph.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in New Media Design from Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina. When I'm not working with my photography business,  I'm usually creating some other form of art, or planning my next trip!

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