Testimonials - J Boswell Photography

"As the largest builder in America and ranked #3 in Charlotte, it was extremely important to us that our homes be professionally represented online. After interviewing several photographers, we decided to work with Julie Boswell for several reasons. It was important to us that we found someone that would work well with our entire staff. We have several community locations spread across two states and Julie has a fabulous working relationship with our entire team. Additionally we needed someone we could completely trust to give access to all our model home centers for shooting images before and after working hours. The quality of Julies images has always been fantastic and we have used several of them in our Television and Billboard campaigns. Her website is super easy for us to share and store photos for use in both internet and print. Overall we could not be more pleased with our decision to use J Boswell Photography."

Mark T. O'Brien

"Julie is one of the best photographers I've worked with. I run the top real estate team in the Charlotte market so I'm qualified to make such a statement. The ability to capture the "magic" is something that isn't alive (a house) is an ability that very few photographers have. Of the 20,000+ home listings in our market, you could always tell which homes were photographed by Julie...the pictures came alive and the home would jump off the computer screen. In addition to taking the best pics ever, Julie is an amazing person and extremely hard working...consistently delivering more value to her clients (the home owners). She deserves every blessing that comes her way."

Lars Hedenborg - Broker/Owner

"Julie took photos for dozens of my listings. My clients were always impressed with her friendliness and professionalism. The photos never disappointed. I truly believe they believe they played a big role in my listings selling so quickly! Working with Julie is a true pleasure!"

Trista Holwager - Broker

Tree Realty

"There are thousands of homes listed in the MLS and yet it's always easy to flip through and recognize the image quality of Julie's work compared to all others. I have had nothing but rave reviews from clients when it comes to the quality and professionalism and clients have gone out of their way to express their gratitude. Julie has put our clients at ease and made them feel totally comfortable and confident in their decision to list with our firm based on the experience they had with her. It's such an important step early in the process and really helps to set the tone that they made a good decision. I have also had agents from other offices comment on the appearance of the photos and ask for contact information so they could incorporate the same quality on their listings."

Jon Wian - Broker/Listing Specialist

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